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LIVE Annual Report 2008

2008 was all about the preparation, execution and post-processing of the field trial that took place during the Olympic Games at ORF in Vienna. Test laboratories were set up in Fraunhofer IAIS and Salzburg Research for critical testing of the LIVE.components. In parallel the Academy of Arts, the University of Applied Sciences and Pixelpark continued to specify the staging concepts. Both, the technical tools and the iTV formats were continuously tested and evaluated by the ORF production. In preparation for the trial the post production work included the annotation of the archival video material in a separate AV server for access during the trial. The final phase of post-production was the integration of the LIVE support system into the ORF’s production infrastruture

LIVE Trial Results - a snapshot

LIVE was “on air” for a total of 33 hours per channel, in which a total of 254 onscreen interactive elements were produced. On average more than half of all viewers took regular advantage of the interactive elements to switch to dramatic events on another channel or to vote or rate the content on screen.

87% of viewers participated in the trial on at least two weekends. Overall satisfaction with the broadcast was very high. In fact 63% of viewers who participated on all three weekends were very happy with the broadcast . Nearly all of the respondents in the follow-up user survey indicated that they would like to use such an interactive TV service in the future. The high acceptance of the TV format ensured a basis from which the producer could make informed decisions about which sports to broadcast live or which content of high interest to repeat. Patterns began to form in the voting and rating of content that indicated high interest in the behind the scenes action of sports events, this also included the behind the scenes of the production broadcast itself.

The result was the production of new content ‘on-the-fly’ such as studio guest interviews, documentaries about sports personalities and interviews with the production team. The use of a dedicated channel for informal and spontaneous live moderation soon took on the form of a home channel where viewers would return either for a break from the action or for an update on the action across the 5 channels or to hear what the other viewers had to say. The producer also relied on the studio channel for immediate reaction to patterns in viewer behaviour such as a major switch to the medal ceremony involving an Austrian athlete. Available as a PDF for download, size 1.1 MB.

LIVE Fact Sheet 2008

The LIVE project attempts to radically improve on the linear approach to TV broadcasting of live sporting events by delivering digital technologies and a content format that enable viewers to shape their own personal and highly interactive viewing experience as they watch the broadcast.
The LIVE solution is a production support system that hooks into a broadcaster’s production infrastructure to enable contextual search and recommendation of multimedia content in a real-time production environment across multiple sources and formats.
Available as a PDF for download, size 1.3 MB.

LIVE Olympic Trial Press Brochure

The LIVE production system will be tested at ORF (Austrian Broadcasting Corporation) during the Beijing Olympic Games. A total of 500 Austrian households will view and interact with the "LIVE Olympic Show". Over the two-week period a total of four interlinked channels will be produced. If successful LIVE could change the way we view live events such as the Olympics, the FIFA World Cup or a political election - on a permanent basis. Beyond the clear advantage of having fuller coverage of the event itself, those irritating moments of not knowing about the details of a sporting event—e.g. details about the contestants, the history behind it or, information on the venue—will be conveniently dispensed with by the power of this latest and pioneering broadcasting information technology. But what might even be more important: For the first time it will be possible to serve the always diverse moods of viewers by simultaneously offering multiple points of view on one and the same live event. As in real life there is always more than one story to be told. Available as a PDF for download, size 2.6 MB. Designed in a three panel layout.

LIVE Olympic Trial Press Brochure (German language version)

Das LIVE-Produktionssystem wird vom ORF (Österreichischer Rundfunk) während der Olympischen Spiele in Peking getestet . Insgesamt 500 österreichische Haushalte werden dabei die „LIVE-Olympic-Show“ sehen und in den Produktionsprozess eingebunden. Während der zweiwöchigen Testphase werden vier miteinander verbundene Kanäle produziert. Falls der Testlauf erfolgreich verläuft, könnte LIVE die Art und Weise, wie wir Live-Events wie die Olympischen Spiele, die FIFA-Fußballweltmeisterschaft oder sogar politische Wahlen im Fernsehen sehen, für immer ändern. Available as a PDF for download, size 10 MB. Designed in a three panel layout.

LIVE Flyer

The LIVE project flyer provides a summarised look at the main areas of work in the project. Available as a PDF for download, size 2.6 MB. Designed in a three panel layout.