Fraunhofer IAIS

Research and Development Institute

Fraunhofer IAIS has over 10 years of experience in the research and development of advanced media and broadcast solutions. In its business areas Media Information Systems and Digital Broadcast Fraunhofer IAIS offers systems and solutions including JAME, an efficient production and authoring system for interactive TV applications and iFinder, a solution for media indexing.


We are exploring and developing technological processes for the automated identification of audio-visual data and their description through metadata as well as for the production, transmission and presentation of interactive TV content. The content of voluminous data sets (consisting of text, language, music, image and video components) is accessed and structured, thus enabling specific word and object searches via automated methods in pursuit of a multimedia-based approach that combines language and video analysis. We are also developing intelligent methods for the storage, identification and retrieval of multimedia data. The Fraunhofer IAIS comprehensively covers all technological subjects required for accessing, archiving, identification and retrieval of multimedia information.

Project Role

Project co-ordinator; providing software solutions for media indexing and automatic annotation; and responsible for the overall technical integration to realise the novel production support system for interactive TV


Joachim Koehler, joachim.koehler(at)