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Shots July 30, 2008

An interview with one of the VJ companies Addictive TV that will be involved in the LIVE trial. The creative director comments that ... "With this live Olympics remix, I think it's a ground-breaking project to be part of and we're keen to entertain and push the envelope, whatever the medium."

"This August, record-breaking athletes won't be the only ones breaking new ground at the Olympics. On the weekend of August 16-17, Addictive TV will be remixing the weekend's Olympics footage live on TV. The project will take place in Vienna and will be screened by Austrian TV channel, ORF.

According to Graham Daniels, creative director and one performing half of Addictive TV, Addictive TV will be remixing different sports that will be sent down the feeds from Beijing over the two days. "We have an idea of what's scheduled for specific times but it's flexible in terms of what we'll choose and we'll focus on live sports coverage itself, capturing it, cutting live loops, scratching it, mixing it with archive footage we've cut into audio/visual rhythmic bedding tracks of those sports," he explains. "That's the plan, but it's an experiment and it's live - so things might change on the day."